The Yellow Wallpaper…Back from Sun Valley

Jane Merrow and Jess Cordtz (Director) on set.

Jane Merrow and Jess Cordtz (Director) on set.

We’re back from Sun Valley Film Festival, which was fun and exhausting. Saw loads of films, went to parties, got to bed too late, but it was all very interesting and invigorating. We did not win in the only category, we could but THE YELLOW WALLPAPER showed well and got a good reception.
My highlight was listening to Stephen Gaghan, speak about his work…he’s a great writer and wrote, Syriana and Traffic, both classics. He acknowledged what we all know that Hollywood is not making those kind of films anymore, only what I call the adult big budget cartoons, good fodder for grown-up people!!! I think not, but those are the movies making the money, so we have to go with the flow and do what we can…which is a lot, with the advent of digital and the web.

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