The Damned Thing – Teaser Trailer from Jane Merrow on Vimeo.

Teaser Trailer 2013 for our next film THE DAMNED THING….

“By the pricking of our thumbs
Something wicked this way comes”


"Something wicked this way comes"

“Something wicked this way comes”

Shakespeare knew how to write, how to tell the story and so did Ambrose Bierce some 300 years later. THE DAMNED THING is a great story, with an extraordinary ending. The story is all, if you cant follow the story, what’s the point. Of course many film makers disagree with me, they like the visual, the picture, the untold story. But you have to be a great director to get away with it, the only one I can think of offhand is Michaelangelo Antonioni, I know there are others, but just cant think right now.

Blow-up Poster

Blow-up Poster

His classic film BLOW UP doesn’t really have a story, just an unanswered mystery and stunning photography. There is no real story, the film just is what it is. You have to be incredibly talented not to drive your audience up the wall, with all their questions left hanging. The imagination of these people is extraordinary, furthermore they were not too interested in box office, rather like Edgar Allan Poe, who was brilliant and somewhat mystical in his writing. They were quite different from William Shakespeare, who was very interested in box office …he wrote for his public, his plays designed to “put bums on seats”…he just happened to be a genius as well. Of course he stole many of his plots, just as films have done over the years. At least modern film makers give a nod to their source, for instance Ridley Scott and Blade Runner, taken from the novel by Philip Dick.





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