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I am excited at the prospect of creating a full length feature out of the films we have made for New Chilling Tales and on the whole think that a host introducing each film and talking about the writer is the best way to go. It worked for the first movie: BEWARE OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR (The Monkeys Paw). It’s in line with the tone of the films and though it may not work for all generations of audiences, it will be right for many.


35 years later and I am watching many episodes of good old Sesame Street again, this time with my Grandson Luke aged two. Things have changed a bit, instead of loads of Bert and Ernie, we have dinosaurs and The Cat in the Hat, but it’s still the same good formula, kid friendly, learning and no commercials. It’s truly an institution and I love it.



I watched an excellent film yesterday STILL MINE

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  1. Jackie October 3, 2013 at 11:34 am # Reply

    Hi Jane,
    Once again, I’m astounded at your boundless energy! Glad to hear that you are keeping busy – watching films and catching up on TV can be an epic task, never mind having to make important production decisions regarding the new packaging of ‘New Chilling Tales’.

    I admire your qualities for watching and learning from both contemporary TV and film productions and the classics. It’s always good to draw your inspiration from the so-called masters of the art and then to take what you’ve observed and apply it to your own creations (although I know you will always give credit to Poe, etc, for their original stories from which you have created such wonderful adaptations)

    I wonder where it will lead you next… maybe a stage production of ‘New Chilling Tales’? Edinburgh Fringe? It could work now that there’s a narrator to link the different tales. There I go again, planting these little seeds in your head! But, hey, what’s life without a challenge?

    Well done on that decision with the narrator, by the way. I only wish that someone like the BBC or ITV would commission you to make a similar series of films for our TV audience over here. I miss the Hammer House of Horror/Tales of the Unexpected type format. Short and sweet but always a good yarn.

    Best of luck with your ventures, Jane.

    Jackie xx

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